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We asked this question before in our previous blog however, since switching host we need to ask this again.




Comment from admin
Time: 2010-01-19 - 16:42

My father was a musician as was his brothers and my grandfather. Everyweek my grandfather couldbe heard singing on the radio. My father would perform around New Orleans from age 5 as a singer and guitarist. His brothers played guitar and horn. After the passing of my grandfather, my grandmother moved my father to the north east NY/NJ. There my father performed in many local shows and got into DJing. I would watch he and his group practice in the living room on many occasions. I started writing rap at age 7 and began performing locally at age 11. Finally at age 15 I became a writer and choreography for a group called the TSA Boyz. We did 2 tours around the united states before the tour ended. By age 20 we were still using sampled records (break beat) from the various states we performed in. I was approached by a friend about starting a studio in our area. Eventually we started MAIN Image Entertainment and were going strong for 13 years before I built SIRA Studios and closed MAIN Image. I majored in audio production in college as well. Music production has been my life ever since.

Comment from Josh Johnson
Time: 2010-01-22 - 10:56

As far as I can remember I was writing poetry. After a number of years of witnessing all my peers entering the “rap arena”, I decided to try my had at it. Due to the fact I was a poet, rapping came easy to me but music production was also calling me. Gaining respect locally for hip hop was cool but garnishing accolades for music production was a whole new animal. I learned first hand that although you can be embraced for your lyrical ability, becoming audibly credible would take time. Due to the fact my grandfather played numerous instruments, I found music production also came easy to me. I keep practicing my craft and honing my talent. It took years to perfect my particular “sound” but eventually I got it right. Doesn’t sound too bad if I say so myself.

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