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With this new digital age of production where many producers are working from their home studios, you find an increase in music producers working with each other on tracks or you find singers and rappers recording more  at home instead of major studios.  With  proper engineering skills producers are able to push out the same quality work that has been created in major studios for years.  As is the goal of pro-audio there is another ease of use and that is the sharing of recording sessions.  Previously producers or artists had to go to another studio to work on tracks or record but now one can work on a track from home then send it to another producer or even to an artist’s home who has a small studio and that artist or producer can complete a track or record.  This can be done on both the Macintosh as wells as the PC platform but they involve different programs.  By no means are the programs we are stating here the only programs you can do this with but these are the two we are presenting you with.  Let’s start with the PC platform.  One of the best programs for recording and sharing is Adobe Audition. Audition is a great program for recording and mastering and retails from around $99.00 to $355.00.  To read more on Audition go to  The first thing you want to do is create a folder on your desk and name it the same name of the track you produced.. We are going to call this folder “Fever”.  Next open Adobe Audition in multi track view.  The object is to get your individual audio on tracks and there are several ways to do this. 1) You can use any production program for this but just for reference we are going to use Fruity Loops. The Track should be complete in Fruity Loops before starting this process (completed in song mode).  Lets say you have 4 tracks 1 is the kik 2 is the snare 3 is the top music 4 is the bass groove.  You would mute out tracks 2-4 and export track 1as a song to the “Fever” folder.  You would mute  out track 1,3,4 and unmute 2 then exported that track to the Fever folder.  Do this with all the individual tracks.  Once  completed go back to Adobe Audition.  Go to File/Import/desktop/Fever and import each track one at a time.  Once completed you’ll see all 3 tracks in Adobe Audition on the right side.  In Audition click on the first track you see and drag it to the first line.  Click on the second track and drag it to the second line and etc. Once completed you have all on your music in Audition. This is the easiest way to bring things tracks in however it posses a problem.  Let’s say your snare did not start until you forth bar and you music didn’t start until your eighth bar.  Doing it this way you would need to move the audio around on the line until it lines up completely where you need it.  If nothing was edited and everything starts from the beginning this this way would be fine but often produces edit sons so here’s another way. 2) If you are doing production in the same computer you are using Audition with then take a chord and run it out of your speaker out put  of your computer and directly back into your computer.  Press the “M” for mute on the first track of audition and hit the ”R” for record.  In Fruity Loops mute tracks 2-4 and unmute track 1.  Hit record in Audition and play track one in Fruity loops.  If you do this with each track to each line in Audition the tracks will line up much better.  The only draw back is you won’t be able to hear the audio recording.  3) Next way to do this is by slaving whatever program you’re using for production to Audition.  There might be limitation but you can manually redirect the tracks you used in your program to automatically record into the audition tracks.  Check you tube for how to slave to Audition.  Finally when all your audio is record go to file save as and save the audition file into the “Fever” folder.  You can zip the entire folder or choose not to depending on how your transporting.  Now you can take this entire session anywhere or upload it to an online backup site like Adrive or Mediafire and send a note to your fellow producer or artist to download the file.  They’ll open it and all the production will be there for them to record or mix, master, or engineer.


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