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Scripture- Genesis 1:26
Then God said “Let us make human beings” in our image, to be like us.  They will reign over the fish in the sea, the birds in the sky, the livestock, all the wild animals on the earth, and the small animals that scurry along the ground.
                                   “REAL SAD”
What’s “REAL”?  What’s real is the fact that in Life we are all subject to going through some Trials n Tribulations, some Pains, some Discomfort, and some Losses; but the question is, are we going to go through with CHRIST or without HIM.
What’s REAL is that with CHRIST you have everything to gain and nothing to lose.  Its like being given the opportunity to invest in the greatest project ever, but not being required to put up any money towards the investment, yet be automatically placed in direct line to receive the benefits and rewards that come from it.  So what do you have to lose.
What’s REAL is that with CHRIST you can exercise faith in the concept that good deeds will be rewarded while at the same time be comforted with the understanding that the evil, that is so prevalent among us, will also be dealt with; therefore inducing a faithful acceptance to the ramifications of injustice, the bewilderment of unanswered questions, and the end result to the unsolved Mysteries/Kidnappings and Murders, etc. that plague our society.
What’s REAL is the fact that GOD not only made us in HIS image but in HIS likeness, which means we are to strive to be like HIM.  The intent being that if we acknowledge, accept and perform in that position, the position that HE has PURPOSELY “Designed and Prescribed” for us, than we will know and take our rightful place.  Then and only then can we operate as HE operates: Strong Willed, Powerful, Creative, Courageous , Optimistic, Intuitive, Authoritative, etc.  Given that position, it is proclaimed that we are ordained to conquer, predetermined to “Reign” over all things made and rule over all of the Mountains in our lives, all the Circumstances, all the Obstacles, whether they be Physical, Spiritual, Economical, Emotional or Financial, etc.
Whats REAL is the fact that by going through with HIM we will come to terms with the reality that our issues will not miraculously disappear but they will definitely be either easier to bare, or they won’t last as long, or both. 
What’s REAL is the fact that with CHRIST there is HOPE which is a necessary commodity for enduring through it all, in-spite of it all, in order to overcome it all. – Now that’s what’s REAL…       
What’s “SAD”?  What’s SAD is the fact that the devil wants us to do it alone, his desire is to have dominion over our minds, to introduce ideas into our thoughts, which speaks to the way we feel and dictates the way that we act. 
What’s SAD is the fact that we often under mind the devils determination to succeed in deceiving us in to believing that Death is easier than life, which results in the contemplation of suicidal thoughts and actions, falsely advocating the idea that we can escape from life.  This is wrong, hurtful and permanent. It is ungodly and in correctable.  When we decide to end the greatest gift that was given to us, LIFE, we actually end joy and happiness, all of past, present and future memories.  We end all prospects of change and opportunity; and invoke a devastating pain to our loved ones that is excruciating and irreversible.
What’s SAD is the fact that We take ourselves out of position; we blame others for our own demise and shortcomings.  We pacify ourselves by minimizes our faults while  strangle others for theirs.  By not operating in Christ we subject ourselves to handling things from our own perspectives, knowing that we are imperfect and fall short of the Glory; knowing that we fail and era yet not giving ourselves the benefit of the dought by accepting these humane conditions.   
What’s SAD is that we deprive ourselves of our abilities and replace them with in-abilities by not knowing who we are in HIM.  We can not do it alone.  We can not make it without HIM.  It is virtually impossible to reach our full potential if we don’t even know what that is.  And even with the concept of knowledge, they say knowing is half the battle; they say be hearers and doers, they say learn and apply, so we still need to learn HIM so that HE can show us how to get there.  How to get over the mountains and through the woods, how to handle the curves, the roads that’s under construction, the wrong directions, and the bumps and the bruises along the way. 
What’s SAD is that we forget we are in the physical and the spiritual, and that our spirit man should lead our physical man; we frown at the concept that its ok to not be perfect, when the actual importance and necessity is in the striving for perfection.  We lose sight of the fact that when we set a goal, and reach the top, God can set a new top.  It’s sad that often we don’t recognize this as GOD’s way of leaving us room for advancement, room for growth and betterment.  And we wonder where are our Blessings.     
What’s SAD is the fact that we were given a will to make our own choices yet we’d rather believe that our cards were dealt and our hands were forced, that we are lost sheep thrown into pasture, with no way out.  God does not leave us, we leave HIm.  God is not looking for us, HE is waiting for us.  We have to stop blaming others, including ourselves and especially GOD, and choose HIM.  Or live like your dead until such time as we die. –  Now that’s what’s SAD.

-Lynx Bishop


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Preach on!

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